30 Bathroom Cabinet Color Ideas: From Basic To Bold

Colorful cabinet inspiration that's as pretty as it is practical.

Slate grey bathroom cabinet


Bathrooms are an extremely functional area of the home, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unattractive. In fact, bathrooms, particularly powder rooms, are one of our favorite spaces to decorate. From the walls to the appliances, floors, and accessories like towels or bath mats, there’s so many opportunities to build interest in the bathroom through colors, patterns, and textures.

One key feature to prioritize, however, is storage. Sufficient space to store all of your products, from household cleaners to medications, linens, and bath materials, is crucial. Often, we rely on these cabinets to do the heavy lifting, making bathroom cabinetry the super hero of the space. Without a roomy cabinet, our bathrooms would be victims to inconvenient clutter. In addition to providing an essential function, bathroom cabinets offer a prime opportunity for decorating .

Choose your bathroom cabinet color with care. Paint them a neutral or light color to create a relaxing retreat or go bold for a powder room that pops. Try a bright color for a sunny spa or opt for a deeper tone to set a moodier ambience. Cabinets often cover a decent amount of surface area, so their appearance can make or break the whole room. That’s why we’ve gathered our best colorful bathroom cabinet inspiration that ranges from classic to cutting edge.

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Bright White

Use Local Accents
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn, Robbie Caponetto

White is a classic for bathroom cabinets. From there, the decision is what kind of hardware to use. Unlacquered brass, nickel, and matte black are all popular choices.

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Splurge in the Shower
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

If white is a bit too stark for you, try a creamier off-white shade. This may be just what you need to warm up your space.

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Add a Little Sparkle
Photo: Hector Sanchez

Moodier but still classic, black is as timeless as white is when it comes to your cabinet color. If your bathroom also includes shelves, don't be shy in painting them black to match.

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Black And White

The shutter-inspired, slatted detail on the tub surround of our East Beach Ultimate Beach House lends a touch of island style.
Photographer: Tria Giovan, Stylist: Heather Chadduck

Can't decide between black and white? Neither can we – so why not choose both? This shuttered two-tone detailing proves that the two shades work best together.

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Dark Wood

2018 Idea House in Austin, Texas Girl's Vanity Bathroom
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

A rich, deeply stained wood is sure to make an impression in your bathroom. The contrast between dark wood and light wallpaper creates a gorgeous overall look that we can't get enough of.

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Light Wood

Minimalist pattern bathroom
Courtesy of Traci Connell Interiors

Light wood is a splendid option too. Use a color like this one to create a spa-like retreat alongside warm whites and calming tones.

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Blackened Wood

2021 Idea House Bathroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Another intriguing wooden option is to blacken it completely. This look is sure to shine on the cabinets below your sink or even a whole chest of them standing on their own filled with all your bath essentials.

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Heather Chadduck Hillegas Blount Springs, AL Lake House Bathroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Half gray and half beige, this bathroom cabinet color is 100% lovely. It's a warm, versatile neutral that will stun in just about any space.

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Choose a Freestanding Vanity
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Still firmly within the realm of neutrals, a rich gray tone is sure to be pleasing for your bathroom cabinets. Here, the charcoal gray contrasts beautifully with the white, without the harsher dynamics of the black and white.

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2021 Idea House Guest Bathroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Cater your beige to match the palette of your bathroom. This one is decidedly warmer with pink undertones, but beige can range from green-ish khaki to sandy tan.

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Sage Green

In the guest bath of the Rosemary Beach Ultimate Beach House, an oval mirror is suspended in front of the window so as not to sacrifice the natural light for function.
Tria Giovan

We've seen this color in homes everywhere recently. From kitchen cabinets to the ones in the bathroom, sage green paint has our hearts.

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True Green

Joe Purvis & Marilyn Kay

As opposed to sage, a bright green like this one is made to stand out. While other shades could arguably be considered neutral , true green is mossy, bold, and beautiful.

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Maggie Dillon Interiors North Carolina Guest House Kitchenette
Photo: Anna Routh Barzin Styling: Kendra Surface

Stepping back into the world of green neutrals, this shade is toned down but no less attractive. A greenish gray paint color will look heavenly on the cabinets beneath a natural stone bathroom counter.

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Light Blue

The freestanding tub splits our Daniel Island Showhouse master bath in half—with a vanity on each side—to ensure there’s plenty of room for cohabitating morning routines.
Photographer: Tria Giovan, Stylist: Elizabeth Beeler

As far as we're concerned, blue can be a neutral too. This cool light blue proves our point. It's not a pop of color, but rather a subtly beautiful change of tone.

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Cobalt Blue

Bathroom with blue cabinets and patterned wallpaper
Courtesy of Jennifer Barron Interiors

Cobalt blue cabinets, on the other hand, are certainly a statement. We love how these cabinets match the fun wallpaper seamlessly.

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Eggplant Purple

Grass cloth wallpaper bathroom
Courtesy of Peltier Interiors, Photography by Andrew Bui

A deep purple is a stunning way to elegantly include a pop of color. A rich shade like this one works hard to elevate the space in a way that's dually sophisticated and fun. Plain white cabinets could only dream of having this effect.

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2019 Idea House Master Bathroom with free standing tub.
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong

A charming and reliable neutral shade like this one will add depth and interest on your bathroom cabinets. If you've got a stone countertop, match your paint shade to its natural streaks and hues.

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Navy Blue

Adaptive Cottage House Plan Guest Bathroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kathryn Lott

Navy blue paint is an elevated way to use color without going too bold. This paint color is rich, sophisticated, and sure to stay in style .

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Slate Gray

2021 Idea House Powder Room
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

A gray cabinet like this one is calm, cool, and collected. Paired with shiny, polished hardware, this shade is stunningly classic yet modern.

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Sky Blue

2021 Idea House Blue Powder Room
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Midway between almost-neutral light blue, cobalt blue, and navy blue, sits pretty sky blue. Especially when paired with white elements, this shade makes for a serene bathroom with a classic color palette .

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Ruby Red

Kristen Mayfield Photography

If you're looking for a color to deliver of punch of wow factor, may we suggest a bold red. This bright hue will make a statement on your ever-useful cabinetry.

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Pink bathroom
Courtesy of Goralnick Architecture Design Studio, Photography by Hector Sanchez

Skip the colors altogether and opt for this mirror effect. It's a playful, creative look that is sure to build interest through the whole room.

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Light Pink

Lake Wylie Bathroom

Brie Williams  Styling: Jennifer Berno Decleene

Slowly but surely, pink is becoming a home decorating staple . This near-neutral shade is pretty as can be in a calm bathroom with unlacquered brass hardware.

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Bright Pink

Play with Pattern
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Skip the light pink and go straight for Barbie's favorite shade. A bold shade, whether it's hot pink or bubblegum, is a fun and flirty way to make an impression.

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Amber Marie Interiors

Of all the colors, teal is the one that strikes the perfect balance between cheery and moody. It's uniquely playful and yet still sophisticated. No matter your design intentions, teal cabinets should do the trick.

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Idea House 2022 bathroom

Painting the cabinets one color would be too easy. If your bathroom isn't made for wallpaper, use the cabinets as a space to implement fun colors and patterns.

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Army Green

Benjamin Moore Southern Vine Powder Bath
Design: Bria Hammel; Photo: Spacecrafting

Deep army green combined with brass hardware and a black stone counter is practically a work of art. Choose this color for a chic, moody retreat.

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Green and Blue Bathroom with Wallpaper
Laurey W.Glenn

In the powder room, bolder is always better. This is the most far-out bathroom cabinet color you could possibly go for and we're hear for it.

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Butter Yellow

2022 Idea House guest bath

Neon not for you? That's okay. This creamy butter yellow is a more classic way to embrace a sunshiney color scheme.

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Idea House 2020 Back Kitchen Cabinet Details with Two Colors
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

Why stick to just one color? Choose two and color-block your bathroom cabinets. Remember to keep some details the same across the board—like scale and hardware—so that the effect seems intentional and doesn't come across as mismatched.

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