30 Bright Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lamps, sconces, and chandeliers to delight in.

Coastal bedroom

Haylei Smith; Styled by Lance Thomas

The lights in your bedroom signal the start and end to the day, and choosing the right light is important. Odd are, you’re going to want to take a layered approach to your lighting strategy. Having multiple layers of ambient light, or having your main light source on a dimmer, allows you to adjust the mood of your bedroom, from light and bright midday to dusky but visible as you get ready to retire for the night. A lamp or sconce that can be switched on and off directly from bed is essential. This way, you won’t have to wander from the light switch near the door to your bed in pitch black every night, and you can relax in bed, reading a good book without straining your eyes against the dark. From lamps to sconces, chandeliers, and other unique fixtures, these are our favorite ideas for lighting your bedroom.

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Twin Lamps

6 Legare Street Charleston Main Bedroom
William Means Real Estate/Keen Eye Marketing

A set of matching lamps on either set of the bed is a classically stylish way to brighten a bedroom. Set the twin lamps atop identical side tables for the perfect mirrored pair.

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Modest Chandelier

2021 Idea House Guest Bedroom in Yellow
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

We love how this chandelier is eye-catching and beautiful without being too flashy. Choose a casual chandelier like this one, rather than a fancier one dripping in metallics or crystals, for a lovely laid-back look.

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Fan Light


ALISON GOOTEE; Styling by Dakota Willimon

A fan smack dab in the middle of the room with a light in its center is a practical and pretty way to cool down and light up the bedroom. Don't forget to add lamps or sconces for additional levels of ambient light.

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Whimsical Hanging

Modern Drama Bedroom
Photo: Helen Norman

From its ornate leaf-like design to the candles and white paint, we can't get enough of this chandelier. It's the pretty and playful focal point to brighten up the most cheerful of rooms.

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Shaded Sconces

Mountain House Main Bedroom with Gray Walls and Red Accents

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

Choosing the shade for your sconce or lamp can make or break the overall look. Be thoughtful in your decision of a shade that will look spectacular and disperse the light prettily across the room to suit your lighting needs.

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Burlap Inspired

Casual Coastal Bedroom
Photo: Lucas Allen, Styling: Elizabeth Demos

If your home style leans decidedly towards boho or rustic, that doesn't mean that your lighting needs to stick to simple. Choose a homey yet gorgeous centerpiece like this sack-inspired hanging.

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Twin Sconces

Ruggable Review Bedroom Tout
Courtesy of Ruggable

Like lamps on either side of the bed, a matching pair of sconces framing the bed frame has timeless style. Plus, this lighting solution frees up valuable real estate on the bedside tables.

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Eclectic Lamps

Buff Coles Cottage Bedroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Choose a decorative lamp that's effortlessly funky and functional. This is a simple way to create a big design impact for the whole room.

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Formal Chandelier


Styled by Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors

Dining rooms aren't the only spaces where a full-blown crystal chandelier can shine. Elevate your bedroom with a stunningly elegant and ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

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Easily Adjustable

Gibson Cottage in South Carolina
A discontinued white four-poster bed from Ikea makes the small room feel grander. With no room for table lamps, sconces (the Paulo Small Bracket Light from Circa Lighting) were the only choice. The bedposts also help hide their cords. Laurey W. Glenn

For even more ease, install sconces on arms that can bend and swivel. This way, you can move them to meet you lighting needs, then tuck them in neatly when it's time for bed.

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Disco Adjacent

Master Bedroom with Green Headboard
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

While a disco ball might be a bit far-out in an adult bedroom, we love that this fixture has the same groovy feel but with an elevated aesthetic. With a pseudo disco ball at its helm, the mood for this bedroom is lively yet elegant.

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Master Bedroom
Atlantic Archives, Inc./Richard Leo Johnson

Choose a structural, lineal light fixture for a bedroom in need of hard lines and clean design. It's the ideal balance between decorative and straightforward.

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River House guest room with yellow and white color scheme
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

Whether or not you actually plan on lighting it, a candelabra is a stunning touch. Place one on a side table or dresser to create a whimsical, romantic room.

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Subtle Studs

Bedroom with bed, chair, and art
Sean Shanahan

Sometimes, you just can't beat clean simplicity. Hide bright lights away in the ceiling but be sure to include a lamp or two for layers.

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Nautical Themed

Neutral coastal bedroom with lots of windows
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Matthew Gleason

You don't need to live by the beach to have a coastal-inspired light design. This seashell shaped fixture is pretty as can be in this blue and beige bedroom.

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A Pop Of Color

The Loudon House Plan Cozy Bedroom
Laurey Glenn

For a bedroom with a neutral color scheme, the a colorful light fixture might be just what you need to built interest. Choose a bold, beautiful light that will be a burst of color in the bedroom.

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Idea House 2020 Guest Bedroom with Warm Neutral Colors
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

When layering lights, you can go for coordination, or step up your lighting game for a full match. Here, the glass theme that flows through both the chandelier and the bedside lamp really pulls the whole room together.

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Curved Lamp

2021 Idea House Brown Bedroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

This classically-shaped lamp has just the right amount of curve to help your eyes see as you lounge in bed.

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Light From Above

EJ and Whit Brown's Alabama Cabin Main Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kiera Coffee

The lights on your ceiling don't have to be the only overhead lighting in the room. Placing a stunning lamp on a tall surface, like a vertical dresser or chest, will have a gorgeous effect for the overall light design.

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Every Nook And Cranny

Ashley Gilbreath Montgomery, AL Home Boy's Bedroom with Daybed Nook
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

If there's a corner, crevice, or nook in the bedroom where you enjoy cozying up, be sure that space has light. Add an additional sconce into spaces such as reading nooks so that they can fulfill their purpose once the sun sets.

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Between Beds

Cream and Turquoise Twin Bedroom
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

A twin set of sconces or lamps between two beds is the double room equivalent to a matching pair on either side of a single bed. It's classically elegant and ensures that there's no fighting over turning off a single central light.

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Geometric Light

Gray-Blue Master Bedroom
Photo: Laurey W.Glenn

A structural, shapely light fixture will always be a stunner. Choose a geometric shape for clean lines and interesting form.

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Modern Design

White and Blue Bedroom
Photo: Laurey W.Glenn

A Sputnik-style light like this one is fun and interesting, yet clean and sophisticated for the bedroom. Choose an ornate one with a whole swarm of bulbs or a simpler, more angular one with just a select few to light the room.

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Metallic Magic

White Bedroom with Blue Comforter
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Just as the lightbulb within will shine, so too can the rest of the light. A metallic finish on a lamp stand or light fixture is sure to be graceful and attractive.

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Floral Fixture

Vintage Blue Twin Bedroom
Photo: Erica George Dines

If your room has a floral theme going on, why stop at the lights? In addition to a floral patterned lamp shade, try a petalled chandelier as well.

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Inside And Out

Traditional Blue Bedroom

For a canopy bed, getting creative with the lights is a must. Include lights both inside and outside the curtains so that the lighting is practical whether or not they're drawn.

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Statement Piece

Kay Volmar Master Bedroom
Kay Volmar

Allow your lighting to be the focal point of the room. Choose something grand or statuesque to sit center stage and be its own spotlight.

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Repurpose Antiques

This soft, vintage-inspired bedroom is a “graceful reminder of the home's history," says designer Alys Protzman, who brought the historic Cape Cod cottage back to life with bold pops of yellow in nearly every space. In this bedroom however, the signature
Photo: David A. Land; styling: Martha Bernabe

We're pro-antiques from top to bottom, and lights are no exception. If you can , find a lovely vintage lamp, or pair your brand new one on a creatively repurposed thrifted piece of furniture.

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Style Guide

Turquoise Blue Small Bedroom
Photo: Hector Sanchez

When shopping for a lamp, it can be tempting to get the first gorgeous one you see, but remember that it's part of the design for a whole room. Take your time finding a lamp and a shade that suit the color scheme, style, and aesthetic of the overall space.

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Unlacquered Brass Lights

Coastal bedroom

Haylei Smith; Styled by Lance Thomas

If your light fixtures include metal, unlacquered brass is a fashionable way to go. Popular also for hardware and finishings, this stylish metal adds warmth and character to every room it graces.

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