Before-and-After Yard Makeovers That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Gray House with White Annuals and Green Bushes
Photo: Hector Sanchez

These before-and-after yard makeovers prove that it doesn't necessarily require tons of effort or a huge budget to make a major impact in your yard. From boosting your curb appeal to re-envisioning an unused space in the backyard, there are so many ways to elevate your home's exterior environment. Perhaps you've been dreaming about creating that outdoor dining patio to entertain guests? Or maybe adding window boxes on the front with luscious blooms? While some of these ho-hum yards were completely transformed by building courtyards or outdoor fire pits, for others just a few, small tweaks—like adding some tidy shrubs or healing a patchy lawn—created huge improvements to a yard's overall curb appeal. Whether you're looking to make dramatic or subtle changes, these jaw-dropping makeovers will surely inspire your next project.

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This Yard Was Barren

Boring Front Yard with Big Tree
Courtesy of homeowner

The lackluster yard of this 1935 Oklahoma City Tudor that looked like something out of "The Wizard of Oz" was in need of some maintenance and landscaping.

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Now It's Bursting with Tulips

Front Yard with Tulips
Alison Miksch

With the help of 800 tulip bulbs , the homeowner breathed new life into the yard with a beautiful and vibrant display of colorful flowers throughout.

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This Yard Lacked Interest

Boring Yard with Concrete Walkway
Courtesy Anna Evans

This large yard was awkwardly cut in two by a long, dull sidewalk. With minimal landscaping and a hidden entryway, it was lacking curb appeal and desperately in need of a wow-factor.

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Now It Creates a Warm Welcome

White Home with Wooden French Doors
Laurey W. Glenn

With a few changes and additions, this one-story home got a whole new look. The sidewalk was removed, steps extended, and front door replaced to create a welcoming porch enhanced with a boxwood border to give structure to the yard. Rosemary and cascading greenery soften the look of the new brick entry.

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This Yard Was Covered by a Deck

Wooden Deck Porch Before
Courtesy of Anna Evans

There's nothing wrong with a good deck , but the homeowners were looking for something that gave the feeling of a permanent outdoor living space.

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Now the Backyard Is a Spot for Entertaining

White Patio with French Doors After
Laurey W. Glenn

The ramshackle deck was torn out and replaced with beautiful pavers in a color that blends with the home's exterior. With a whole new feel, the patio now blends effortlessly into the yard boasting new, lush bushes to create a distinct space.

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This Yard Was a Sad-Looking Entry

Yard with Large Dumpster
Courtesy of homeowner

The small side yard area lacked inspiration and needed a focal point.

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Now It's a Serene Oasis

Green and Gravel Yard with Fountain
Hector Sanchez

The space was completely reimagined to create a secluded, stunning retreat complete with a tranquil water fountain, inexpensive gravel, and a boxwood border.

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This Yard Was a Carport

Yard with Carport
Courtesy of homeowner

This dilapidated carport took up much of the backyard of this home and certainly didn't add to the appeal.

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Now It's a Rear Courtyard

Gravel Courtyard with Seating and Dining Space
Hector Sanchez

While retaining the carport structure for practical use, this homeowner added weather-resistant outdoor curtains and a fresh coat of paint to dress it up. The courtyard now doubles as a seating area and dining space—making it ideal for outdoor entertaining .

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This Yard Lacked Shade

Before Porch Garden Storage

After losing a 100-year-old hickory tree in this unfinished backyard, the homeowners lacked a shady spot to beat the summer heat.

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Now It's an Outdoor Dining Room

Mediterranean-Inspired Patio After
Tria Giovan

A beautiful fireplace, iron pergola draped in wisteria , and an intricate patio design act as the foundation of this outdoor dining room. A long dining table with mismatched metal chairs and twinkling pendant lights complete the space.

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This Small Backyard Lacked Allure

Under Construction Patio Before

The homeowners were looking for less grass for minimal upkeep while adding an outdoor living space.

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Now It's a Low-Maintenance Courtyard

After Stone Patio

Beautiful pavers and low-maintenance landscaping have created a space perfectly suited for the homeowners to enjoy. The courtyard now acts as an extension of the home for true indoor-outdoor living.

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This Front Yard Was Overgrown

Overgrown Front Yard
Courtesy of homeowner

Overgrown and unkept landscaping in the front yard detracted from the home's curb appeal .

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Now It Shows Off the Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal with Green Hedges and Stone Path
Laurey W. Glenn

A cluster of American boxwoods behind a manicured boxwood hedge keeps the landscape simple and classic—just like the home's updated exterior . New pavers and clean lines help create a defined lawn.

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This Backyard Was for the Kids

Backyard with Swing Set
Courtesy of homeowner

A once beloved swing set took up much of the yard and had been outgrown by the homeowners' children, so the space needed an updated purpose.

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Now It's a Grown-Up Gathering Place

Adirondack Chairs, Gravel Surface, and Fire Pit Backyard
Alison Miksch

Adirondack chairs, a gravel surface with a stone border, and a rustic metal fire pit surrounded by lush greenery makes the renovated space an ideal spot for gathering on chilly evenings.

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This Backyard Was Just Used for Entry to the Basement

Backyard Basement Entrance
Courtesy of homeowner

This forgotten rear entrance to the basement was an eyesore that lacked function.

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Now It's a Pergola

Backyard Pergola with Greenery
Alison Miksch

The homeowners relocated the existing large shrubs and added a simple deck and vine-covered pergola to create and outdoor oasis. The space is now used as a shady spot for relaxing on warm summer days.

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This Front Yard Was a Bit Dull

Dull Front Yard
Courtesy of homeowner

The landscaping and front exterior of this home was out of date and incomplete with just a few scraggly bushes.

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Now It's a Cottage Charmer

Blue Cottage Curb Appeal
Alison Miksch

It didn't take much to upgrade the yard. The homeowners created a new focal point by removing the awnings and adding evergreen trees with a short hedge to anchor the area. A border of colorful flowers and a few perfectly placed containers complete the garden.

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This Yard Had No Landscaping

Front Yard No Landscaping
Courtesy of homeowner

Aside from a few haphazardly place bushes, this yard was void of life.

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Now It's a Stunning Garden

Gray House with White Annuals and Green Bushes
Hector Sanchez

It's easy to be surprised this is the same home. Two overflowing container gardens are placed on either side of the front door to make a statement and clipped boxwoods mixed with white annuals round out the yard to create a charming entry.

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This Yard Needed a Pop of Color

Old Farmhouse in Snow
Courtesy of homeowner

The beautiful farmhouse was getting lost in a large, bland yard.

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Now It Lets the Charming Farmhouse Shine

White Rustic Farmhouse
Laurey W. Glenn

The less-is-more mentality definitely paid off here. A simple carpet of lush green grass is all that was needed to step up this farmhouse.

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This Yard Needed a Few Tweaks

Plain Front Yard
Courtesy of homeowner

The minimalistic landscaping on this yard wasn't too bad—it just needed some manicuring and refinement.

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Now It's Perfectly Manicured

White House with Beautiful Manicured Lawn
Alison Miksch

A row of bushes in assorted sizes line the house to give order to the yard. The lawn was rid of its brown patches and now is a lush expanse of green.

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This Sloped Yard was a Challenge

Brick Porch with Sloped Yard
Courtesy of homeowner

The incline of this yard made it necessary to think outside the box.

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Now It Gives Major Curb Appeal

White House with Manicured Sloped Yard
Laurey W. Glenn

Ground cover and a couple clusters of bushes in assorted sizes were all that was needed to upgrade this home's curb appeal.

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