4 Simple Arrangements Starring Bold And Beautiful Palms

These super fans make stunning centerpieces, wreaths, and more.

Palm fan in a vase in the foyer
A few well-placed palms can make a pretty statement in a foyer or entryway. Photo:

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

Greenery is among our favorite ways to decorate our homes all year long. In the fall , our greenery might actually be orange and red-ery as seasonal hues set in, and in the winter leading up to Christmas, we opt for garlands made from fresh materials like cedar and eucalyptus. When the weather takes a turn for the warmer, we get creative. Spring and summer call for bold and bright greenery and among our favorites is gorgeous palm leaves.

To decorate your home with palm, show them off on their own or add them to arrangements in need of a special something. These versatile fans are just the thing to spruce up a springtime tablescape or your front step in the summer. We love them in vases just as much as in wreaths, and on the table, they look just as dandy in a floral centerpiece as they do laid as a surprising place mat. While palm can easily be incorporated to elevate any warm weather decorating, these are our favorite ways to arrange these striking leaves.

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Go Solo

Palm in a vase
Palm fans make a low-maintenance alternative to a house-plant. In fresh water, they can last up to a month.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

The structural shape of the palm fan is so dramatic that it can stand alone, but choosing the right vessel is very important. Use a container that has an opening small enough to keep the heavy palms from going their own way. Trim one stem 1 to 2 inches shorter than the other so that fan will turn slightly while the longer-stemmed one will stand more upright.

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Set A Fan-tastic Table

Palm underneath china
Each palm charger adds a strong visual element. To keep the setup from looking too busy, don’t place an arrangement in the middle of the table.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

Forgo a traditional centerpiece in favor of a pop of green to dress up each place setting. The trickiest part is picking the right size palms. Look for ones that are on the smaller side and are as flat as you can find so the leaf segments peek out from beneath the plate without making it wobble every time the fork hits the china . After that, all you need to do is a quick stem trim—the shorter it is, the steadier your surface will be.

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Bring It Together

Centerpiece with palm and peonies
Peonies are eye-catching enough to stand up to the striking silhouette of the palms.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

Opposites attract in this seasonal arrangement, but don’t get carried away. The palms provide plenty of height, so select a vase with a low profile and wide mouth. Start by positioning three palm fans in florist foam, switching the direction so one is facing forward, another is standing tall but a little bit off-center, and a third is slightly angled. Next layer in midsize flowers: chocolate Queen Anne’s lace and pink and white peonies . The most delicate elements such as tulips, hellebores, and ranunculus step in as the final flourishes, filling open spots and creating movement. For even more interest, you can then reflex the petals on a few of the tulips by placing your thumb at the base of each petal and gently pushing until it pops backward.

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Step It Up

Palm wreath on the front door
If your door receives a lot of natural light, place stems in florist water tubes or spritz the palms daily to prolong their life.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styled by Kathleen Varner

A fresh idea for front-door decor: Use your hands to form the swag’s shape; then attach the palms with zip ties. We placed two fans at the top and three at the bottom to steer clear of an overly symmetrical look. Trim stems once everything is secured. Wrap ribbons around the middle of the swag, and tie them into bows to hide the zip ties and stems.

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