How to Transform Your Front Yard, According to Wayfair's Design Manager Who Just Redid Her Own

Are you long overdue for a front yard makeover?

While many of us have spent plenty of time, attention, and money tending to our backyards, front yard space is oft overlooked. That's why we asked Lindsey Zborowski, Design Manager for Wayfair Professional , to help those of us with a front yard whip the area into shape. "After spending so much time indoors and then building out our backyards as more private sanctuaries, it's no surprise that homeowners are looking for ways to maximize all outdoor spaces while also beginning to be more sociable. The front yard can be utilized for so much more than just curb appeal; it's an additional hang out space for the family and allows for more interactions with neighbors as they're out and about," she says. "While our backyards tend to be more private, the front yard faces the community and can lend itself to socializing more casually."

Below, Zborowski — who personally just redid her own front yard, to boot — weighs in with her top tips.

Front Yard Adirondacks
Courtesy Wayfair

Put that yard to work

"We've seen that gardens are on a major upswing (searches for raised garden beds are up 75 percent from 2020) and adding a raised bed or beds to your front yard to grow vegetables and herbs is both a beautiful and practical use of front yard space," she says, pointing to Wayfair Professional's 2021 Outdoor Trends report . "A pristine lawn is nice, but it's worth putting that space to work while getting homegrown, healthy food out of it. Oftentimes front yards get some of the best sun, so it's the perfect space for a more robust garden.

Adirondack front patio
Courtesy Wayfair

Use Complementary Furniture

"When thinking about adding furniture to your front porch or lawn, make sure it's complementary to the color and style of your home. When in doubt, try for classic pieces in a neutral tone, like a set of modern Adirondack chairs in black, navy, or white," she says. "Worried about the weather taking a toll? Look for chairs made of molded resin, which are often made of 95 percent recycled materials, and will hold up to the sun and rain," she continues, adding that if you have a more substantial front porch, treat it the same way you would treat your back patio.

"Add a dining table or conversation set and lean into natural materials, like wicker or teak , that are timeless and beautiful on their own. Anything you add to the front of the house should add to the curb appeal and create an inviting entry point to your home," she offers, noting that searches for teak patio furniture are up 65 percent over 2020 per the aforementioned 2021 trend report.

Display Flowers

"No matter what else you add to your front porch or yard, you can't go wrong with well landscaped planters. Add a trio of pots to your front steps, finally put up those window boxes you've been eyeing or build out your landscaping with regionally appropriate flowers, shrubs and trees," she explains. "Creating a more beautifully curated landscape around the front of your home will make the space more attractive to be in and enjoyable for the summer months."

Know What to Leave in the Backyard

"There are certain items to keep in the backyard, so as to not [add] too much clutter to the front of the house. Keep your grill on the back deck and leave the lounge chairs back there, too," she advises. Other items you may want to consider keeping "out back:" A full vegetable garden, patio games, and hammocks.

We have a sneaking suspicion we're going to be doing some DIY front yard makeovers this weekend. Who's joining us?

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