Grandpa’s Favorite Easter Desserts

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Photo: Photographer: Jennifer Causey Food Stylist: Ana Kelly Prop Stylist: Kay Clarke

It's just not Easter without several classic Southern desserts on the sideboard. Whether Grandpa was in charge of making his famous recipe, helped Grandma whip up his favorite cake, or just liked to put in a request for his favorite dessert, these recipes are just like the ones Grandpa always looked forward to eating after Easter dinner. Of course, he was probably always trying to sneak a taste before it was officially time to serve dessert.

From cookies to cakes to pies and more, these are Grandpa's favorite Easter dessert recipes.

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Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake
Photographer: Jennifer Causey Food Stylist: Ana Kelly Prop Stylist: Kay Clarke

The trick to making sure your Angel Food Cake comes out of the pan without tearing is to let it cool upside down.

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Birds Nest Cookies

Bird's Nest Cookies
Joy Howard

This no-bake dessert is always fun for the grandkids to whip up with Grandpa.

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Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies

Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies
Caitlin Bensel; Food Stylist: Torie Cox

This easy, no-bake recipe transforms Grandpa's favorite cereal into cookies in just a few minutes.

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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Photographer: Jennifer Causey Food Stylist: Ana Kelly Prop Stylist: Kay Clarke

Baking up this upside-down cake in Grandpa's favorite cast-iron skillet will ensure that it comes out perfectly.

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Éclair Cake

Eclair Cake
Molly Bolton/Southern Living

Grandpa probably always kept graham crackers on hand for a late night snack and this no-bake recipe elevates them into a crowd-pleasing dessert.

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Preacher Cookies

Southern Living Preacher Cookies on serving platters

Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Kelsey Moylan, Prop Stylist: Caleb Clarke

These cookies are best when enjoyed soon after they're made so the cereal will still be crispy.

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Million Dollar Pound Cake

Million Dollar Pound Cake
Photography: Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Pound cake is delicious on its own, but can also easily be dressed up with fresh berries, whipped cream, caramel sauce, or lemon curd.

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Cake Mix Brownies

Southern Living Cake Mix Brownies on plate with a fork

Hannah Zimmerman

There's no occasion where brownies shouldn't be on the menu, and Grandpa probably always grabbed one from the plate before Easter dinner was ever served.

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Old-Fashioned Caramel Cake

Old-Fashioned Caramel Cake Southern Living

Courtney West

Trust us, homemade caramel frosting is worth the extra effort.

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Cherry Fluff

Cherry Fluff

Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

This classic Cherry Fluff recipe requires no cooking and is made with just five ingredients.

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Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding

a square pan of banana pudding on a yellow linen
Photo: Caitlin Bensel; Food Stylist: Torie Cox

Old-fashioned meringue transforms homemade banana pudding into an Easter-worthy dessert.

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Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie
Southern Living

Grandpa probably always had a second slice when coconut pie was on the table.

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