Why My Momma's Bed-Making Technique is My Ultimate Hostess Trick

Sometimes it's the little things

When my husband and I were first married we had a friend visiting for the weekend. At the time, we lived in a tiny, 800-square-foot apartment. The guest room consisted of a full-size air mattress sitting in the middle of our living room with the coffee table pushed against the wall to make enough space.

She had arrived just as we were getting home from work and all three of us were starving. We were trying to make a quick exit, but I was adamant about getting the bed set up first—I firmly believe there's nothing worse than coming home late and having to make a bed. I hastily put the fitted sheet on before throwing the matching tartan plaid flat sheet over. It was fall. I love themed bedding.

Mother and Daughter Making Bed

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"Oops, you put the sheet on upside down," she said as she walked over to help readjust it. She was referring to the patterned side of the sheet being facedown.

I explained that it was intentional so just a bit of color peaks out from beneath the quilt. I think she used the word "thoughtful" to describe the technique, which was interesting at first. I suddenly realized it's little details like this that my momma taught me make all the difference. Lucky for me, it wasn't about having an elegant guest bedroom with a four-poster bed dressed in Leontine linens that made our guest feel at home. It was folding the top sheet down on an air mattress in the middle of the living room that set this Southern hostess apart.

It's funny because she assumed I picked up my trick while at Southern Living —as people often do when I cook, bake, or show any other domestic pursuit. On occasion they are right but, more often than not, my response is, "No, my momma taught me that."

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