This Is The Most Searched Spring Recipe In The South

The result may surprise you.

It’s time to start trading in the root vegetables for asparagus, peas, and other spring treasures. As the weather starts to warm, and we fire up our grills again, new recipe inspiration is called for.

No longer are we searching for soups . Instead, we're looking for recipes that make the most of fresh produce and can be served for our favorite spring gatherings.

While nationwide people are looking for corned beef and cabbage , which is understandable this time of year, Southerners are looking for vintage cakes, especially Hummingbird Cake , and also vintage casseroles, like Old-School Squash Casserole and Pineapple Casserole , perhaps to serve for Easter brunch.

But the top recipe everyone is searching for is neither a casserole nor cake, but is still a classic. The most searched spring recipe in the South was Oven-Roasted Corn On The Cob .

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cobb
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What Makes This Corn Recipe Unique

This is the fuss-free version of grilled corn . Whether the weather is not quite good enough to go out and grill, or you aren’t up to standing in front of the hot grates today, this is a fool-proof way to make corn from the comfort of your own kitchen. It requires no special equipment and only about 10 minutes of hands-on cooking.

The herbed butter rubbed onto the corn cobs is what really makes this recipe magic. You don’t have to tell a Southerner that butter on vegetables is a must, but when the butter is infused with fresh parsley, rosemary, thyme, and garlic, it makes it even easier to eat your vegetables.

If you don’t have one of the fresh herbs called for, dried herbs will do the trick (just use half as much), but you can also customize your corn with your favorite seasoning blends, like Greek or Cajun seasonings .

The secret to ensuring this corn comes out juicy and roasted to perfection is sealing in all the flavor and juices using aluminum foil. You can also roast the corn in its husk; just make sure to remove the silk before adding your herbed butter and then fold the husks back around the cob and wrap the whole thing in foil.

Why Readers Are Crazy For This Corn

For one, it’s a crowd pleaser. "This was fantastic! EVERY single cob was eaten. They wanted more, so I made more!" commented Southern Living reader Laura C 1966.

Other readers noted how juicy the corn turns out with this recipe. "I made this dish for a summer barbecue. Everyone loved it. I’m not normally a corn on the cob eater, but I tried it and was so pleased. The kernels are so juicy and just burst in your mouth. Very pleased," said one Southern Living Member.

And while we already mentioned that the seasoning is customizable, those looking for a non-dairy corn recipe will be happy to hear that oil works as a great substitution for the butter . "Wonderful. I used olive oil instead of butter and with the sweetness of the corn it tasted the same," said another Southern Living Member.

If corn isn’t what you're searching for this spring, we have you covered with 41 Classic Spring Recipes to Make All Season Long . You’re bound to find a new spring favorite somewhere in that collection of recipes.

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