The Most Popular Design Style In Every Southern State

How does your dream home measure up?

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Picture your dream home. If in your mind's eye, you see a relaxed farmhouse full of warm, neutral tones that’s brought into the 21st century thanks to clean, modern touches, then you’re not alone.

A new study by Encino reveals that Modern Farmhouse is by far the most popular interior design style in the country, and in the South specifically. A whopping 33 states—12 of which are in the South—chose this supreme style as their favorite. This means that most of the country swoons over carriage doors, vaulted ceilings, and apron sinks, just like you do.

This research picked our design-day-dreaming brains by analyzing the number of Google searches for each style, and the results show that in every state, our tastes in homes are less seasonal but very place-based. For example, people living in seaside states like South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are more likely to love aptly beachy homes year-round, while Arkansas seems to be in a realm of its own; its favorite didn’t place for any other state.

The results also show that for the most part, Southerners think alike. (What was it Mama said about good minds?) Interior design styles including Rustic, Industrial, Feng Shui, Mediterranean, and Victorian were the top dogs in other regions but proved to lag behind in the South’s rankings. We’ll stick to our coastal retreats and modern farmhouses like Chip and Joanna , thank you very much.

Here are the most-searched home design styles beloved in every Southern state.

  • Alabama: Modern Farmhouse
  • Arkansas: Eclectic
  • Delaware: Coastal
  • District of Columbia: Mid-Century Modern
  • Florida: Coastal
  • Georgia: Coastal
  • Kentucky: Modern Farmhouse
  • Louisiana: Modern Farmhouse
  • Maryland: Modern Farmhouse
  • Mississippi: Modern Farmhouse
  • Missouri: Modern Farmhouse
  • North Carolina: Modern Farmhouse
  • Oklahoma: Modern Farmhouse
  • South Carolina: Coastal
  • Tennessee: Modern Farmhouse
  • Texas: Modern Farmhouse
  • Virginia: Modern Farmhouse
  • West Virginia: Modern Farmhouse
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