You Can Now Book A Vacation At Resorts With Onsite Pickleball Courts

This fast-growing sport is making its way across the country.

Sun Outdoors Pickleball Court

Courtesy of Sun Outdoors

Pickleball, a sport that’s ballooning in popularity in the U.S., is gaining momentum in the hospitality space too. When you go on a vacation or embark on an RV road trip, you may think you have to leave your weekly pickleball appointment behind. Depending on your destination, that may not be the case. If you set your sights on certain resorts across the South, you can keep your date with the court and play a few rounds under blue skies.

These days, you can make a visit to a resort that offers pickleball-focused amenities in every stay. According to a press release, “As the fastest-growing sport in America, it’s no surprise that travelers are looking to incorporate pickleball into their next vacation. Sun Outdoors , a leader in outdoor hospitality, offers pickleball courts on-site at over 40 of their properties across the country.”

Pickleball is the sporting craze that’s sweeping the South , so it’s no surprise that courts dedicated to the activity are popping up all over the place. Its popularity can be attributed to its novelty and accessibility; it combines elements of tennis and badminton, as well as ping-pong, and it’s fun for all ages, so everyone can get in on the action.

Much like tennis, the sport requires a court with a net and can be played with two or four people, who hold paddles and hit a hollow plastic ball across the court. It takes some effort to learn, but it’s been gaining in popularity for a while. Pickleball got its start on Bainbridge Island, Washington, in the 1960s, when three dads invented the game to entertain their bored children.

Sun Outdoors

Courtesy of Sun Outdoors

Sun Outdoors (previously known as Sun RV Resorts) has a number of properties, including resorts, RV resorts, and campgrounds, in states across the U.S. While you can find Sun Outdoors’ pickleball-accommodating resorts in many vacation destinations, there are lots in the South, particularly in Florida. Sun Outdoors has 31 resorts with pickleball courts throughout the Sunshine State, including locations in holiday-favorite spots like Panama City Beach ( Sun Outdoors Panama City Beach ), Dunedin ( Sun Retreats Dunedin ), Jacksonville ( Pecan Park RV Resort ), Ocala ( Sun Retreats Ocala Orange Lake ), Naples ( Club Naples RV Resort ), Bradenton ( Pleasant Lake RV Resort ), and Kissimmee ( Kissimmee South RV Resort ), among many more. Once you hook up the RV or settle into your room, you can pick up your paddle and get moving.

Other Sun Outdoors resort locations with pickleball courts include Carolina Pines RV Resort in Conway, South Carolina, and Sun Outdoors Pigeon Forge in Sevierville, Tennessee. Plus, with the popularity of pickleball forecasted to rise, you can expect more resorts and hotels to find ways to incorporate pickleball in the amenities they offer.

Pack the RV and roll up to these resorts for fun in the sun–and a few rounds of your favorite new sport. You can find more information at .

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