3 Ways To Update Your Curb Appeal This Weekend

Charming Cottage Curb Appeal

Has your home lost its luster? Are people driving right by without a glance? Give your curb appeal a quick update this weekend with a few new additions. Whether your looking to shake things up and go modern or want to jump on the farmhouse trend, you don't have to spend the a lot of time or money getting the look. Start with a fresh coat of paint on your front door for big impact. Change out your door knocker and doormat to make everything look new and shiny. Finally, bring out a new planter complete with a new container garden for a grand welcome. With these easy changes, you'll be the star of the neighborhood. Maybe you'll even start a trend of everyone updating the look of their front porches .

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Modern Front Door

With clean lines and rich colors, these few new additions will add that modern feel to your front door. Don't be afraid of the bold front door color. It will be the focal point of your new look.

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Classic Front Door Makeover

With the symbol for "welcome" hanging on your door and a doormat with your name, guest will be popping by all the time. The addition of a blue planter helps bring a pop of color to the classic shades.

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5 Colors To Freshen Your Front Door

Gone are the days of boring, neutral doors. Brighten up your home with a fresh coat of paint for your front door! These vibrant shades, like glossy red and china blue, will make your home a focal point of the neighborhood.

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Rustic Front Door Makeover

Want a bit of the farmhouse look in the city? Start with a fresh coat of paint and a metal planter. No need to bring out the shiplap here.

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